Whole Lotta Red Zeppelin At The Hamilton Air Guitar Championships

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Joan Smith Frontin’, Dave Finkelstein Guitarin’, Derek Zwiep Drummin’, Graham Smith a Bassin’. Red Zeppelin plays a rare show at This Ain’t Hollywood on July 5th to get the Air Guitar vibes pulsing in the city of Hamilton.

Each member is an acclaimed musician and every so often they manifest themselves into this Led Zeppelin tribute band to end all Led Zeppelin tribute bands. If there was a competition (perhaps not too unlike an Air Guitar one) where you pitted various cover bands against other cover bands. We predict Red Zeppelin would be victorious, every time. Hindenburg styles.

Be sure to join us for our featured act. They’ve come from Over the Hills and Far Away; down from a Stairway to Heaven, to Thank You, for giving a Whole Lotta Love to Air Guitar Canada and RIght To Play.  Stop me before I Ramble On.

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