We’ve added a Red Herring and a distraction!

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She’s not just any distraction, she’s Toronto’s Professional Distraction and she’ll be performing a rockin’ burlesque number between rounds on Saturday.

Headmistress of the Toronto School of Burlesque, Red Herring has toured the world captivating audiences from Jamaica to Poland, from Hawaii to Montreal, and all the places in between. This headline performer has been dubbed ‘Canada’s Sexiest Nerdy Burly Star’ and in 2015 she was voted Now Toronto’s Best Performance Artist.

When she’s not performing, or producing one of her many shows (Reveal Me at the Rivoli, Bootleg Sugar, Naked Girls Reading), or appearing on television and feature films, she can be found posing as an established bodypaint model or lifedrawing muse. Also, Red Herring’s an internationally published Pin Up who loves rock music!!

Photo courtesy of Red Herring


Oh yeah – in case that wasn’t enough – she throws knives, cracks whips, and plays with swords. They say there’s no rest for the wicked, so you’ll rarely catch her having a nap.

Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n’ Roll indeed!

Photo courtesy of Red Herring


GET YOUR TICKETS to Saturday’s show at the Drake Underground.



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