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Elliott Gwynne and Tyler Bersche from The Medicine Hat will help to choose the ‘Winners’ on July 5th in Hamilton

What’s in Tyler’s bag?… could it be bread? We’re thinking a nice set of Devil Horns (insert emoji). We’re pumped to have these two Hamilton gems join us and help usher in a new era of competitive mime in the City of Steel, the Hammer, Electric City as it is sometimes (when?) referred – we found that nickname on Wikipedia, that shit never lies. The Inaugural HAMILTON AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIPS July 5th – This Ain’t Hollywood. Buy tickets in advance or line up.

Elliott also works for Collective Arts Brewing, our beer sponsor. We went into the hammer today and tried their Apple Cherry cider (pictured on the right). It made us exceptionally happy. No hyperbole there. That juice was choice. We also tried some ‘Top Secret’ New England IPA. I think if we write more about they have to cut off our typing thumbs or something. We signed a non-disclosure agreement. It was also quite delicious.

So back to the Judges. Elliott Gwynne and Tyler Bersche are both from the local awesomeness of The Medicine Hat. They are playing This Ain’t Hollywood this Thursday June 29th. Here is their poster for the event. Looks like Lost Cousins are also playing. Oh yes… and The Kents. Not to be confused with the Cants or the Kunts.

NOW! If you don’t know about the Air Guitar thing yet, here’s your primer:

  • 1 Min of music
  • the Guitar you ‘play’ must be air
  • No back up band members or dancers on stage with ya
  • Roadies are cool
  • You can enter to compete the night of the event, or please register in advance
  • Don’t hurt yourself or others – it’s friggin’ Air Guitar. Not the olympics.
  • People cheer for anyone – so you can totally suck at it, and you still get the free beer and pizza.
  • We have had a 73 year old, a 8month pregnant woman, a nuclear scientist and an actor do this – so come one come all.
  • Money goes to charity – Right To Play
  • There’s a female fronted Led Zeppelin band playing that night. They (and she) are hot like Plant in tight floral pants.
  • Beer will be ‘nice priced’ for our cost-conscious clients.


Here’s a video:

Here are some other awesome shots of Tyler and Elliot that we stole off Facebook. Why take them if you don’t end up using them, we always say.

Photo Credit @nikarthur

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