The 2016 Air Guitar Canada Trophy… Drum Roll…


Post and Video By Tyler ‘Cat Friday’ Gardner – Air Guitar Alberta Commissioner

Trophy16Conceived from pure ‘rock n’ roll mayhem’ and then forged from fire – this year’s Air Guitar Canada trophy is a symbol of pure, unfiltered Airness. 2015’s Canadian National Championships saw one of the absolute craziest moments in Air Guitar history since Johnny Utah smashed a beer bottle over his head in ’07. Jason “Thrust” McNeely started his performance by outright destroying his real guitar and resurrecting it’s spirit in the form of his Air Guitar! He went on to win the night and flew to Finland to represent Canada on the World stage! After the show I scavenged the stage and recovered as much of the splintered wreckage that used contain the spirit of Thrusts Air Guitar and brought it back with me to Alberta. I decided to incorporate the pieces into the trophy for Nationals the following year.

The body of the trophy is the same trophy I build for Nationals every year: a plasma cut steel wall-mounted guitar hanger crafted into the logo of Air Guitar Canada. The hanger is meant to hang the trophy from the World Championships which is a real clear bodied electric guitar. If you win both the Nationals and the Worlds they become a set. The Air Guitarist jumping in the logo is cut out of the wooden body of Thrusts Guitar. Other parts coming from Thrust’s guitar are the neck, head stoke, bridge, and strings. It’s basically a working guitar that is also a guitar hanger!

Who ever wins the Nationals July 16th at the Mod Club in Toronto will also take home this baby and be off to Finland! If Thrust wants to see his old guitar again he is going to have to bring his ‘A’ game and defend his title, because the competition will be stiffer then ever!

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