The largest-ever competitor pool from Canada arrives in Oulu for the 21st Air Guitar World Championships


How exciting this is for our growing Air Guitar Canada organization that there should be 4 competitors from our country who will make their mark at the 21st Air Guitar World Championships.

Joining our 2016 Champion Blake ‘The Canadian Tuxedo’ Johnston, will be Helene ‘Hey!len’ Laurin from Quebec (she’s our two-time Quebec champion), Bob ‘Mr. Bob’ Wagner (lifted by the generosity of over 60 people who helped fund his dream of competing in Finland for his 73rd birthday), and lastly Carlos ‘Hanzel the Manzel’ Mengual (2015 Toronto Champ and Air Guitar Canada representative).

On Thursday Aug. 25th, Hey!len, Mr. Bob and Hanzel will take to the small stage at the 45 Special for the DARK HORSE COMPETITION. We’re not sure yet how many are entered or how many are getting through, but you can expect that they will take between 5-8 competitors to the World Championships the next day.  We’re hoping that all three of our Dark Horse competitors make it through. If Bob makes it through – he will officially become the oldest air guitarist to ever perform on the world’s stage.

There will be a link for the live broadcast of the World Championships. We will post that link on our facebook page.

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We will update you soon!


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