12 DAYS TO GO… Toronto, Edmonton, Squamish!

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Less than two weeks to go. It’s time you registered. It’s time you accepted the challenge and transformed yourself into that riff-loving, guitar-chugging, windmill-making, face-melting Air Guitarist that you always knew you were, but never had the occasion or the … Continued

World Peace, Love, and Rockin’ – Let’s turn it up to 11 in 2015

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World Peace is the driving ideology – the mantra of Air Guitar. Love is what we bring to the audiences and to our performances on stage. Rock music is the inspiration for this act of mimicry and marvellousness. All you … Continued

A Shredding Success – Guest post by THE ROCKTHUSIAST

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A SHREDDING SUCCESS – by THE ROCKTHUSIAST So, this past July 10th, I finally did something I said I would do if the opportunity ever arose. No, I didn’t go on an exotic trip to find myself, or volunteer and not … Continued