Some people call him Rick. We call him Super Rick. He helped us with our Website.


Some people call him Rick. We call him Super…

Ok… We confess. We don’t always call him that. Actually, we’ve never called him that. But if there was ever a time to call somebody ‘super’ it would be for Rick. Because he’s just so darn helpful.

Watch what you put on the internet, Rick.

I met Rick about 5 years ago when we started this whole Air Guitar revival at a time when guitar music was particularly challenged. A ‘Help Wanted’ ad was placed on the Kijiji page and sat idle for many weeks until our boy Rick, decided that helping out an organization hell-bent on using the power of mime and music to raise money for kids was a ‘cool’ way to spend his summer time in Toronto.

You see, Rick isn’t from here.  He’s from Detroit. WHAT!?! you say? yes. Detroit. He’s not even Canadian. He was living with his girlfriend of the time and going to York University for a degree in something smart and technical that I never truly properly understood.

Anyways, Rick met me for a beer. I explained the nuances of running events based on convincing people (that at one time considered you their friend) that it was a good idea to don leggings, wigs, sunglasses, ass-less chaps or viking hats while using their imagination to play an invisible instrument on stage for complete strangers. All in the name of charity. Funny enough, Rick thought that was ok. He also thought it was ok to join me as we walked around town and put up posters on telephone poles at all hours of the day or night. Rick was that kind of guy. Up for anything and just happy to be helping. Sweetie.

Well, it didn’t stop there. He later went on to help us score a bunch of our events. Made a nifty spreadsheet for recording Air Guitar scores according to the figure skating scoring system. He was the guys quietly punching numbers in his computer while people poured beer all over their faces and fake master-bated to ACDC or Tenacious D.

He even tried to convince his classmates to build us a brand new website. It was going to be spectacular. However his friend didn’t have the same fortitude for dealing with ‘vision’. Still, Rick followed through and made us a nice semi-functional website that did like 50% of what we wanted. But it worked. And who needs a website to do all that other cool stuff we didn’t get it to do? To be honest, we couldn’t have been happier to have him taking that website work on and making lemons from lemons as our content generally dictates.

So when it came time to re-fresh our lemons, so to speak, Rick was on top of that lemon like a fat kid on a lemon. Too much citrus?  And so…that leads me to this very moment. We have a new website. I blame Rick. But I also thank him for making it happen.

I hope you enjoy the new look of the thing. If it breaks, let me know so I can annoy Rick about it. I’ll add it to my list of annoying conversations about American politics that he loves so much.

Rick… I don’t use the term Legend very often. But you sir, you are a swell guy.


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