The Canadian Air Guitar Championships and all the qualifying competitions organized within the authority of Air Guitar Canada will comply with the following rules:

1.                  The instrument of an Air Guitar player must be invisible, i.e. air.

2.                  An Air Guitarist may play an electric guitar or an acoustic one – or both.

3.                  Each competitor must participate in a qualifying round (excluding the champion of the previous year, who has direct access to the final) to compete for a place in the final.

4.                  In each regional competition, the competitors perform one song of their own choice. The judges select the best competitors from the regional qualifying competitions into the regional championships, and the winner of each championship will be rewarded with a ticket to Toronto for the Canadian Championships in late July.

5.                  In the final, the competitors perform two one-minute rounds:

  • Song of own choice (1 minute).
 The competitors must send their personally selected song to Air Guitar Canada no later than 24 hours prior to the Qualifier or Championships. The competitor may edit the song beforehand so that it lasts one minute, or alternatively let the organizers know the point from which to start playing the song.
  • Compulsory song (1 minute), NEW! Competitors will be informed of the selection (4-5 options) of possible compulsory song choices one week prior to the competition via email. ALSO – the audience will vote via ballot at the beginning of the night for their AUDIENCE CHOICE compulsory round number that will be announced prior to the final round.
    • ORGANIZER OPTION for Compulsory Round- Those competitors who make it to the Compulsory Round can be asked to choose their song at random via ‘draw from a hat’ or another randomized mechanism.

6.                  Personal Air Roadies are allowed. Backing groups – real or Air Groups – are not allowed. The dress code for an Air Guitar player is free and he/she may use additional props in any way he/she desires. An Air Guitar player may use a real pick or play by strumming or finger picking.

7.                  Judges:

The jury of the Canadian Air Guitar Championships is carefully selected by the Air Guitar Advisory Board. The judges use the following criteria for evaluation:

  1. Originality;
  2. the Ability to be Taken Over by the Music;
  3. Stage Charisma;
  4. Technique,
  5. Artistic Impression; and
  6. Airness.

The performances are scored with the figure skating scoring method, i.e. the judges give points on a scale from 4.0 to 6.0. The scores from the judges are added together and the person with the most points wins. If two or more contestants end up having the same score, they have to play an extra round. The contestant who scores the most points in the extra round wins the championship. If the result is a tie also after the extra round, the one who scored most points in the Compulsory Round of the concerned competitors is considered the winner. If these results are also equal, the competitors concerned will be considered tied. The jury evaluates the competitors according to their own judgment and taste. The decisions of the jury are final.

8.                  Participation:

Participation in the Canadian Air Guitar Championships is open to all citizens of Canada. If an official Regional qualifying competition is arranged in the Air Guitar player’s home province / city, the competitor must participate in it. The competitors take part in the competition at their own risk.

9.                  National Championship:

There will only be one official national championship competition in Canada. The winner of the Canadian Championships is guaranteed direct access to the finals of the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland without qualifying, along with airfare and accommodations. The organizers of the Provincial / Regional Championships will agree to respect the ideology of air guitar playing and this declaration as Official Rules and judging criteria, and will commit themselves to spread the ideology in their own regional competitions.

10.                  Prizes:

The prizing of the Canadian Air Guitar Regionals & Championships will be announced at various times through out the season. Check the website for prizing announcements.

11.                  The obligations of the Canadian Champion:

The Canadian Air Guitar Champion must carry the joyful tidings of the Air Guitar forward and thus promote Canadian virtues and World Peace.