Ying on Global croppedThe first event of the 2016 Air Guitar Canada season set to wail on SAT. May 14th in Saskatchewan!

How much fun can you have pretending to be a rock star?  You’ll have to make a stop at the Saskatoon Farmers Market Saturday night to see it all go down. The weird and wonderful starts at 6pm with Banger Bingo, followed closely around 7pm by the PERFORMANCE ROUND of the first ever official Saskatchewan Air Guitar Championships.

Yep. people of all shapes and sizes, walks of life, levels of sanity, will transform themselves before your very eyes with 1-min performances that will melt your face and leave you smiling from ear to ear. Heck, you might even get inspired yourself and decide to join in on the fun. For you, we have the BRAVE SOULS ROUND. It’s like Air Guitar Karaoke. Choose from a list of 30 or so, pre-cut tracks. Throw on some random costume or adornment provided by Better Off Duds, come up with a stage name and show the judges what you’ve got. The 2014 Canadian Air Guitar Champ – Lee ‘Brymtime’ Brymer was a Brave Soul. He went on to place 5th in the world!

Here are a few of the local treasures that will be taking the stage Saturday night:


Boo Boo KittyMeet Ying ‘BooBoo Kitty’ Tan, first time air guitar competitor. BooBoo Kitty is the co-owner of Saskatoons favourite raw chocolate shop, Those Girls at the Market, and is also a nerdy college student. She is a lover of Hello Kitty, and loves to pretend she is a kitten…. or sometimes a ninja… she is never seen without her number one fan, her sister Julianna Tan.

She is originally a drummer. “I find air guitar actually quite challenging, it’s a whole new game. I have trouble holding the air guitar while concentrating on moving the rest of my body. You need good proprioception (look it up) and be able to multitask.”

BooBoo Kitty loves classic rock, with Led Zeppelin being her all time favourite, but for this show… “I wanted to play a song that was fun, flirty, and that expresses my inner wild kitten.”

As she said during her Global TV news interview, “If my life were a novel, this would be a wonderful chapter to add to my life”


Meet Dustin ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ Davidson. The KFC (King Fricken Chicken) of the AGC (Air Guitar Canada).

In a world where chickens are taken for granted, served with a smile, and sold piece by piece, one chicken is stepping up to the plate. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner had enough, he grabbed life by the wing and entered a championship competition to become the world’s best Air Guitarist. You will see him Saturday as he ‘flies’ the coupe, and he will Chester-fry your finger licking guitar riffing!

We can’t wait to see WWCD peck his Air Guitar to the metal tune of Old MacDonald. If that’s what he’s doing… which he is not. WWCD don’t cluck that way.

Other notable performers that will take the stage Saturday are:  Jade ‘Jaded’ Rusling, Nathalie ‘Sweet Dee’ Scott, Morgan ‘Master Ugway’ Heise, Bryn ‘Hot Cocks’ Giroux, Vladamir ‘ Vlad The Diviner’ Yatsina, Edward ‘TBA’ Smith and Chris ‘SINISTER’ Simister.

There will be an all-girl Rush air band called CRUSH.

Then MALICK will take the stage in the later evening to close the party.

Entry is free but we sincerely hope you will take the opportunity to make a donation to CREATIVE KIDS of Saskatoon – the primary beneficiary of the event.


This event is brought to the great province of Saskatchewan by Mike Erman of GLITCH GIFTS and NOVELTIES, the brew peeps at 9 Mile Legacy Brewing, the swag shop slingers at BETTER OFF DUDS, the purveyors of epic pizza at PANAGO PIZZA, the poutine kings of SMOKES POUTINERIE, sweet radio rebels at ROCK 102, the incubators at IDEAS inc. and lastly the banging beat buddies from BANGER BINGO.

Get there. Have fun. Do good in the name of Creative Kids and enjoy the wacky that comes from jamming out your favourite rock/metal/pop/flamenco/alternative/indie/classical tune with nothing but air.

“When you are holding an Air Guitar, You can’t be holding a gun”

-Ancient Air Guitar Proverb

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