Nothing Sheepish about this Judge: RYAN GULLEN of the SHEEPDOGS!

I Don’t Know about you, but i’m Feeling Good about this Bad Lieutenant joining our panel of judges.

A big warm welcome to Ryan Gullen of Canadian rock icons The Sheepdogs who joins us for the Air Guitar Toronto Championships this Saturday, May 13th at the Drake Underground.

As you can tell by his epic profile picture. He is perhaps uniquely suited to judge an air guitar competition or pose for awkward family photos. The way he lovingly cradles his bass gives you the impression that he’ll go easy on the Toronto hopefuls.

Ryan will join Red Thor and other judges (to be announced) as they toss up the scores and help us find our 2017 Toronto Champ!

Isn’t this another great reason to sign up and compete!?

And then tell all your friends to come and watch you play Air Guitar in front of Ryan Gullen?

They can buy their tickets HERE

Check out Ryan’s Collective Arts Beer chugging skills in this fine video- 

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