Many Days of Air-Mass – NYE Edition

Ottawa! Jay ‘THRUST’ McNeely and Gen ‘The Geek Girl’ Leblanc

Ottawa has turned into a powerhouse of excellent Air Guitar. We’ve had a past 2015 Canadian Champ with Jay ‘Thrust’ McNeely and last year’s Ottawa champion Gen the Geek Girl was simply breath-taking. Both have a flare for the flammable as you’ll see in the videos below.  Fitting that they should be the 5th and 6th day of Air-Mass. Five Golden Rings and Six Geese a Laying – there’s no real connection there, unless you want to get inappropriate.

We are excited to be back in Ottawa in 2017 on May 6th with our friends at the House of Targ who set us up so nicely with pinball and perogies and awesome local bands to fill out bill.

On to the presents…Here are links to Jay and Gen doing some amazing shit:



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