Check out this stellar set of judges for the inaugural Kamloops Air Guitar Championships

Johnny Utah – 3 Time Canadian Champ

‘Judges be trippin’ is sometimes said. In this case… Judges be worth the trip to CJs Night Club on Thursday June 15th for the FIRST EVER official KAMLOOPS AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIPS! In our line up of judges, we have a three time Canadian Air Guitar Champ, a CBC media maven, a Yogi, a cheeky Burlesque performer, and an ACTUAL guitarist. All of these people are quite famous and qualified to put up the 4.0 to 6.0 scores for the evening of Air Guitar showdowns.

What’s on the line?  Infamy.

Material gain? Prize packs.

Travel? A trip to Toronto to represent BC and maybe if you win the whole deal… A Trip to Oulu Finland for the World Championships to represent Canada.

Our first judge is none other than Cole ‘Johnny Utah’ Manson. He’s won this thing three times from 2008-2011. He’s won bronze twice at the World Championships. Which means he’s the most successful performer in Canadian Air Guitar history. But Johnny doesn’t let it go to his head. He also runs a Gracie Barria dojo in Whistler, BC. He can also do a hand stand. He’s go it all.

Doug Herbert

Our second judge is CBC’s own Doug Herbert. He loves his rock as much as sending pictures in bitmap format, and solos that require a flailing of arms. His early morning sensibility will ensure that he will see past all the flair and fluff and judge the true air skill of the contestants. The Kamloops event was covered by CBC a while back – click here to give it a look see!

Deandra Day

Our third judge is Deandra Dey. As a yoga instructor Deandra knows how to find the Zen in Air Guitar and, being one, knows a star when she sees one!

Our fourth judge is Kamloops Burlesque star Cherry Pan Tease! With an eye for cheeky style, Cherry will be looking for Air Guitarists with some pizzazz!

Cheery Pan Tease
Dave Coalmine

Our final judge is none other than Kamloops favorite front man, Dave Coalmine. Our local h’air’ expert will be looking for contestants that know how to really rock it!

There are still spots in the competition! We are looking for people who can have a good time and not take themselves too seriously. Times like these we all need to smile and dance and goof off to get out the madness. Come be part of the collective exhale to lift us up and get back to weird!

If you get inspired at the event (2 drinks in) please sign up to be a BRAVE SOUL – it’s like Air Guitar Karaoke. You can enter the competition that way! We have over 40 tracks already cut to 1min and ready to go!!


Let’s make some money for Right To Play Canada by playing some friggin’ Air Guitar.

We are counting on you Kamloops!!! Let’s Rock!

Special thanks to KAMMERCE Productions, Collective Arts and the people at Right To Play Canada.


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