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They came, they saw, they are coming back for more.

Joan Smith

We’ve announced all our new male judges, and now we have the pleasure of welcoming back Joan Smith from Little Foot Long Foot and Kat Curtis from the Naked News to help us choose the 2015 Canadian Air Guitar Champion!

Both Kat and Joan were part of our panel at the Toronto Championships. They applied just the right amount of critical review and cunning wit to their judging and commentary and now they are back to do it all over again.

Joan Smith is the scorching hot lead singer and guitarist of rock out fit Little Foot Long Foot. She knows a thing or two about the Heavy needed to rock a crowd and how to impress the Woman. She’ll be representing the portion of our panel that actually understands how a guitar works and what one might look like if they were actually playing said guitar.

Photo Credit: Paul Buceta
Photo Credit: Paul Buceta

Kat Curtis is a co-producer and part of the talented team at The Naked News. She is a self-admitted ‘Nerd’, and proves that really hot girls sometimes, however rarely, play RPG games and discuss the altruistic merits of the Lawful Evil alignment in D&D. That’s right. She is an expert on cosplay, lingerie, and being sassy and smart. Don’t drink her damn beer if you want to get top scores.

See you at the MOD CLUB on Sat, July 25th for the 2015 Canadian Air Guitar Championships.

TICKETS ($15 in advance up to 12midnight on Friday)

REGISTER (Be a Dark Horse and go from zero to hero – register by Friday midnight)

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