Felworth’s ‘Cozy Balboa’ To Judge Air Guitar Championships

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” I can’t think of a better air guitar judge than a drumming monkey puppet!”

After making a splash at the Juno’s in March, Cozy Balboa, the drummer puppet from Feltworth, will be taking a seat at the Nationals to find our Canadian champion of Air Guitar.

Feltworth used to play for kids, but they don’t do that anymore. Now they are rocking out for adults.

Check out the CBC Radio interview

When we asked Cozy about being part of the fun – he said: “Cozy will be there and ready to party! We’re not sure if he always refers to himself in the third person? Or which Collective Arts beer he likes best? But we will for sure be finding out on July 15th – MOD Club. The 2017 Canadian Air Guitar Championships.



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