ART BATTLE? AIR BATTLE? ART GUITAR? See what we did there.

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ANNOUNCING: Tanya Casole-Gouveia to Judge Air Guitar Nationals

Art Battle Canada is the bomb. We are stoked to have someone so sensational from that part of the Toronto art canvas joining us to pick our 2017 Champion.
The host of Art Battle Toronto, Tanya has experience with art and self expression on a competitive level. A dancer, emcee and social butterfly, she has an eye for what’s hot, and what’s not so hot. She truly believes the genius is in the details.
Some say that Air Guitar is the last pure art form. Tanya may well be the person to make that important distinction more accredited.
We are proud to welcome Tanya to the mayhem and mimicry that is Air Guitar.
SIGN UP AS A DARK HORSE – Still time to sign up and win that trip to Finland.
NEXT Art Battle Canada event is coming up on July 27th at the Great Hall on Queen St. it’s their Nationals!
Check out this shot by Scott Lennon Photography.
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