ANNOUNCING JUDGE ADAM RICARD – Both Truculent and Edge-y

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Edge 102.1 Mid-Day DJ Dude Adam Ricard Joins Our Celebrity Judging Panel

AdamWe are thrilled to have Adam Ricard from CFNY’s Edge 102.1 Mid-Day program join us on our celebrity panel of judges for the Air Guitar Canada National Championships on July 25th at the Mod Club in Toronto.

Not only does Adam bring an insane knowledge of music and rock-show to the judging mix, but he’s also got to be one of the most down-to-earth friendly guys we’ve ever met. We’re excited to have his expertise on the panel and can’t wait to see which performer he gives the perfect 6.0s to. Adam and DaveYour Air Guitars best be tuned to the ‘Key’ of Foos (his favourite band) and the volume turned up to 11 (his radio dial demands it).

We asked Adam what he’s looking for in our 2015 Canadian Champion. His response: “Truculence. That undefinable Canadianness that makes one want to drink maple syrup straight from the tree”

We’re pumped. You be pumped too.

GET YOUR DAMN TICKETS before you have to pay more at the door – which is fine.

ENTER TO COMPETE – we still have room for a few more. It’s fun. Trust us.

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