6 Months Pregnant + 2 Months Waiting

AIR-IN – Ottawa’s 2017 Air Guitar Champion (Photo: Andre Gagner)

On May 6th, we held our first event of the Air Guitar Canada season in Ottawa at the House of Targ. Our winner was Erin ‘Air-In’ Wicker, rock star, mom, and mom to be. She entered last minute, as in, we were just about to shut down the ‘Brave Souls’ round after having a record 10 people sign up the night of the competition. She chose the song ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ by ACDC and totally won over the judges with her stage charisma and comedy.

Now… 2 months later. She is 8 months pregnant and representing Ottawa at the Air Guitar Canada National Championships in Toronto on July 15th at the Mod Club. What will her performance deliver?


AIR-IN taken it upon herself to help make some more money for our charity Right To Play, by selling decorative votive candles with her image and calling herself the Mother Of Air Guitar. She adds, ‘when the candle burns out, they can double as a shot glass’. You can reserve/pre-order yours on our Eventbrite Ticket Page All Proceeds go to our charity.

These will also be on sale at Nationals on July 15th.

Lastly – the video you’ve all been waiting for! The re-cap of that night in Ottawa, when Erin ‘Air-In’ Wicker won the hearts and scores from the judges and became a part of history. Shot and Edited by David Lam.

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