NATALIE ‘SWEET DEE’ SCOTT Becomes Saskatchewan’s First Air Guitar Champion!

Air Guitar-1748

It started with a vision of bringing something fun and irreverent to a town that had all the pieces of the rock and roll puzzle. Saskatoon is increasingly known for its arts, music, and creative community. The man with the plan. Mike Erman, purveyor of Glitch Gifts, assembled a team of businesses and performers to bring the idea of Air Guitar Saskatchewan to life. Special thanks to Glitch Gifts, 9 Mile Legacy Brewery, Better Off Duds, Ideas Inc., Smokes Poutinerie, Panago Pizza, Rock 102 and Banger Bingo.

The following is a photo bomb of all the nutty awesomeness that went down in Toon town on May 14th, 2016. The day the Air Guitar circus came to town.  Thanks to photographer Bob Holtsman, we have vivid images of the 1st ever ‘official’ Air Guitar Saskatchewan Champioinships. Enjoy…

Banger Bingo, from Medicine Hat, Alberta kicked off the party, getting the audience involved with inflatable guitars and lost of BINGO fun.

Air Guitar-1158

It was a festival atmosphere, with beer tents, poutine trucks, and kicking sound system… we can’t thank our audience enough for supporting the event!

Air Guitar-1169

The event was run in support of Creative Kids Saskatchewan, a wonderful charity that helps kids gain access to the funds and the opportunities to immerse themselves in the arts – be it music, drama, or fine arts. For anyone who ever wanted desperately to participate in music or theatre but couldn’t afford the instruments or instruction, Creative Kids makes benefitting from arts education a possibility. Over $800 was raised for the charity!!

Air Guitar-1149Air Guitar-1154

Mike Erman had a cool trophy put together for the winner. That will look good next to some emmys and oscars.

The first performance of the night was Morgan ‘Master Ugway’ Heise who boldly went where many have and few survived… he braved Van Halen’s Eruption. The lava flowed.

Air Guitar-1275

Chris ‘SINISTER’ Simister dropped some Goatwhore. Apocalyptic Havoc ensued.

Air Guitar-1292

Then Brennan ‘Major Party’ Risling marched in and ordered a Code Red.

Air Guitar-1318

Edward ‘Crazy Eddy’ Smith was on fire with Metallica’s ‘Trapped Under Ice’.

Air Guitar-1348

Natalie ‘Sweet Dee’ Scott channeled the spirit of Ambrose Bierce and schooled the audience with her reading of ‘The Devil’s Dictionary’ and her lights out performance of Van Halen’s ‘Hot for Teacher’.

Air Guitar-1367

Ying ‘BooBoo Kitty’ Tan turned a few heads with her acrobatic leopard printed performance of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Hello Kitty’.

Air Guitar-1419

There was Shaky Wilson doing Shaky Wilson. Shaking appropriately.

Air Guitar-1435

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner showed us that Air knows no bounds and Air Guitarists can fly high, especially with ladders.

Air Guitar-1445

Jeff ‘Sid Dica’ Catagas closed out the performance round with a killer Ace Freely track – New York Groove.

Air Guitar-1467

The Judges – Xerxes Praetorius Horde – New Jacobin Club, Zelda Tremeer – Belladonnas & The Temps,  Nicola Tabb – Better Off Duds, Peter MorningWood – Menagerie Burlesque Company and Christie McCulloch – Creative Kids.


Air Guitar-1302

Next came the Brave Souls Round… this is when people from the audience can choose from a number of pre-cut tracks and enter on the spot for their chance to make it through to the compulsory round. Thanks to the folks at Better Off Duds, there were instant rock star costumes available to help the newcomers get into the act.

Air Guitar-1165

Before anyone tried this out… Cat Friday from Red Deer Alberta and part of the Banger Bingo team rocked a demo for everyone to Whitney Houston… which makes perfect sense.


The Bearded Wonder came out of nowhere, thrilled the crowd and the judges and landed himself in the Compulsory Round.

Air Guitar-1534

The red sequinned jacket found a wearer, oddly enough her stage name was ‘BLUE’. I suppose you’ll have to guess why she’s called that.

Air Guitar-1547

Sandra rocked the fringe – she called herself Sandy Beaches… likely dreaming up plans for her next vacation.

Air Guitar-1582

This is probably our favourite picture… how serene that look on her face is. Jennifer ‘Miss Minx’ lived the ‘don’t think, just rock’ philosophy of Air Guitar.

Air Guitar-1599

Wild Card Hank dropped and prayed to the rock gods.

Air Guitar-1630

Thus ended the Brave Souls Round.

After all the scores were tallied the top 5 moved on to the Compulsory Round where all the top scoring Air Guitarists would rock out to the same song. The song was Shook Me All Night Long by AC DC. Seemed like a great time to eat some poutine from Smokes.

Air Guitar-1516

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner made a return and showed us just how to Chester fry some finger licking guitar licks.

Air Guitar-1669

Major Party called in reinforcements and went ballistic to close out tied for 2nd place.

Air Guitar-1686

The Bearded Wonder completed the magic circle he started in the Brave Souls and also tied for second place!

Air Guitar-1705

In the end it was the sheer charisma and bad-assery of Natalie ‘Sweet Dee’ Scott that brought the Judges to pull out the big scores. She held her solid standing from the first round and came away with the Big Prize!  She is Saskatchewan’s first ever official Air Guitar Champion!

Air Guitar-1721

And to top it off the gang joined together and rocked Neil Young’s Keep On Rocking In the Free World to celebrate the world peace and joy that was created that night!

Air Guitar-1752

And let’s not forget Malick – who closed out the night with their premium sound.


Huge thanks to everyone. Do it again next year. Or… make the trip with Natalie to Toronto for the Canadian National Championships on July 16th at the MOD cLub.

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